Hi guys! Happy New Year and I hope everyone is doing well. As I sit here writing this it is 21 degrees, with an anticipated drop to 12 early tomorrow morning…. and oh, did I mention I live in NORTH CAROLINA?!?  Holy moly it’s chilly.  Tomorrow, schools are closed as we wait for the remaining 0-5 inches of snow that fell on Friday/Saturday to finish melting. Some areas of town got nothing while the north end got 5 inches. Makes for an interesting ride from one end of town to the other.

But this weather situation, which is happening all over the country right now, got me thinking and wondering about all the ways people “handle it” when life happens and you are forced to adjust in a way that slows everything down. Are you someone who immediately gets frustrated because of the unplanned shift in schedule? Do you get a little cabin crazy if you’re snowed in and can’t run errands, go to the gym or get to the office? I’m someone who never truly gets bored – I can always find something to do, read or listen to.  However, I know many of you out there struggle when life throws you a curveball you’re not prepared for. And I truly understand. I mentioned in a previous blog, that I had been training for my first half marathon.  However, life had other plans for me and per doctor orders, I had to stop running just 3 weeks before the race.  Now please understand – I was pissed!  And I did not handle it all that well initially. All that hard work and I felt like it was for nothing. I also REALLY don’t like not meeting my goals either.  But after shedding a few tears and taking time to recover from my injury, I realized there was a gift in the unexpected down time. I took time to reflect, rest, plan ahead for my future running challenges and appreciate the “adjustment”. I got my Sunday mornings back and no longer had to rush to be ready for Sunday football gatherings with friends.

So, I want to encourage those of you who struggle when something brings you to a screeching halt to reframe how you think about it. If that something brings you more time – consider playing a game with family, working out one extra time, reading that novel you haven’t touched in months, sitting with yourself quietly and paying attention to how you feel or having a phone call with an old friend (not a text J).  If it’s an unwelcome situation, think about what you can take away from it.  Is there a lesson to be learned? Is this an opportunity for me to re-evaluate something? There is a learning opportunity in every situation – good or bad – in my opinion.  Sometimes it’s just a crappy situation and there’s no way around it.  And if that’s the case, rally your supports and know you can make it through to the other side.

Well friends, if you’re in the frigid cold, I hope it warms up for you soon. If you’re in the warmth, well, slow yourself down and go sit poolside on my behalf!

Stay well,