Love Spring, Love Yourself!

Hi friends! So, we are well into spring now and I don’t know about you but I am PSYCHED! I’m so ready for the nice weather, time outside and a little vitamin D. Additionally, Spring is thought by many to be a season of renewal. Beautiful blooms, leaves coming out on trees and the giggles of kiddos playing outside remind us that life goes through cycles and even when it’s been grey or gloomy, sooner or later things brighten up and color returns.

It’s also a time when it gets warmer, we’re thinking about summer coming, wearing less clothing and a lot of folks become really critical of their bodies. I’ve been there – I know all about this. But, as I’ve gotten older and maybe a tad wiser (I hope), I’ve significantly diminished the amount of energy I spend on this kind of criticism and focus more on the good stuff. Like the resurgence of tunic style stops, for instance :-). But seriously, our world has struggled with acceptance of other humans for one reason or another, for so long that I really feel like at the very least we could do a better job of accepting and loving ourselves a little more. Society and media don’t make that easy based on all the Photoshop nonsense that goes on and social media’s need to make viral some disturbing stuff when it comes to how people treat one another. Which is why I feel if we start with ourselves, it can only spread from there right? I mean, let’s face it, if you’re quick to tell yourself that you’re ugly, fat, old, unintelligent (insert any other negative adjective here), you might be quick to judge others that way too. And judgement is the edge of that rabbit hole that leads to intolerance, hate and aggression. Let’s start a revolution of being nice! And let’s start with our self-talk.

So, as we continue through this season, I ask you to consider reframing the way you look at yourself. Even if you are someone who isn’t highly critical, try focusing, each day on one positive attribute that you like about yourself. It could be something about an awesome talent you have, physical in nature or how you know exactly how to make your child giggle beyond control. Be grateful. Find something affirming. Do it. Every. Day.

How Can I Make This Self Love Thing a Habit?

Some activities may help this be a little easier. If you’re not regularly exercising, consider incorporating a simple walk each day. Exercise positively impacts the ability to self regulate, feelings of self esteem, and most people have an improved perspective on just about everything after a 30 minute walk or other physical activity. Not only will it help your physical health, but it will boost your spirits and improve your mindset.

Also consider setting a daily reminder on your phone. Some might think it’s silly to set a reminder in order to stop and think about something you like about yourself, but anything that works is certainly not silly in my opinion. Whether you schedule it for each morning or when winding down your evening, it can help build that bridge between something that might feel a bit forced and a habit.

So, “Happy Spring” to all you lovable, fabulous folks! Let’s start our nice revolution today, beginning with yourself.

Wishing you well,